10 Things You Should Know About Chronic Migraines and Applying for Social Security Disability

migraine1. Focus on how your health issues prevent you from working.  

Social Security does not care how sick you are; rather, they need to know why and how you are prevented from working.

2. Kill them with details.  

3.  Get your doctors on board.  

One of the biggest obstacles people face in the application process is care providers who do not respond to Social Security Administration inquiries.  It is very important for you doctors to cooperate with the process.  Talk to them early on in your application process.

4.  Make Copies of Everything

5. Start Collecting Information

You should gather:

  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of all doctors who have treated you.
  • Chart numbers and insurance numbers.
  • Dates you were seen by your doctors and dates you were treated.
  • Names of medications
  • Information about medical tests, you will need to know where you were tested.
  • Medical records
  • The jobs you worked in the 15 years before you became disabled, the dates you started and ended those positions.

6. Brainstorm your answers

Brainstorm answers to the questions listed on the forms before you start filling them out.  It’s a bit like writing an essay for school: Think about what you want to say before you start writing.

7.  Ask people who know you well to review your answers and make suggestions of things you might have overlooked. 

8.  Comply with all deadlines. 

9.  Realize the wait time you can expect depends on where you live. 

10.  Consider hiring a lawyer.  It is possible to apply for and receive benefits without assistance, but having help from someone who know the process well is valuable.

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Still have questions?  Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.  

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